Carly Michele Pepin

Your Values


Our Values and How to Fill Out This Questionnaire! 

This video will explain:
1. The Importance of Our Values
2. The results you're looking to achieve from completing this questionnaire
3. What to expect from the next videos

Once you are done with the video, click the link below to hop on over to Dr. John DeMartini's website to access the questionnaire!
Values Determination Process

The Questionnaire

This video will cover:
1. Inspired vs. Distracting Challenges
2. Gaining clarity on the context of your answers
3. Understanding your values on a deeper level

Emotions and Addictions

This video will explain:
1. Moving beyond the surface value of your emotions
2. Distinguishing between an addiction and a value
3. Importance of establishing these differences

Finishing Up

This video will explain:
1. How to finalize the process
2. How to send me your final answers
3. And a big Thank You! For showing up :-)
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