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Understanding Your Life purpose

What am I doing here, what is it all for? What is my purpose and mission in life? As confusing a question as this may seem, there is actually a simple way to connect with your Higher Self and your purpose in this world. This doc will help you to understand the inner workings of your Higher Self, what is truly most important to you and how to take action to move towards it in life, so you can feel more fulfillment, inspiration and gratitude on your journey! Enjoy :-)

Masculine and feminine embodiment

It doesn't matter if you are a man or woman on the outside, because on the inside, you always have both! Our feminine is a link to our relationships and our masculine connects us to our career and finances (and so much more). I can guarantee you that you will want to possess all of these amazing qualities! In this guide, I review the positive and negative qualities of each, how they link up with the body, the brain and our behaviors. Then give you some insight on how to transform the negative so you can bring you more balance within.