Carly Michele Pepin
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Client Love



“Carly and her work is powerful. She is incredibly gifted at helping me shift through major blocks in my life. She is intuitive, insightful, gentle, hopeful, patient, loving, honest and optimistic. Her work is transformative. I have been coaching with Carly over a year and my life has changed drastically. At first I was coming to her for issues with my career and health, but the biggest change I’ve noticed was in my relationships. When my heart was telling me something was off in my ego/belief system, I knew I needed to bring it to one of our coaching sessions. At the time my mind was fighting me on having deep, connected, intimate relationships. Through our work together, miraculous things have happened. I’m now closer to my partner than ever before and my friendships have deepened. I used to be shy and don’t even see a need for that old defense mechanism anymore. I have the relationship with my partner I’ve always dreamed of. Carly helped me see the truth beyond my muddied mind. Not only did she help me see the truth, she helped me see the gift in why I was living the way I was. I always leave sessions with Carly feeling peaceful and at ease with my life. And the day of our session or a few days later I always notice really cool shifts happening in my life in favorable ways. The last session I had with her, that day I had 2 people come up to me saying how beautiful I was and a little girl who wanted to be my friend. They could feel my inner light that’s been there, but needed a bit of help coming out of her shell. I am always so grateful for her insight and magic and helping me live a life I’ve always dreamed of.” 


Sianna w. los angeles, ca:

Grief is a funny thing. You never know how long it will last or how much it can take over. It’s been 1 year since Lily went to the heavens above. I didn’t know but her death put me into a depression for nearly a year. I lost a deep joy I used to feel. After processing through the grief with coach and bestie Carly, I was able to finally feel the free again. I began to play and feel lightness in my heart. Things have been shifting significantly in my personal and professional life. I feel grounded and empowered again grateful for the journey my heart has led.



"Miracles flow whenever Carly is around. She helped me realize that being open to recieving love is a footnote on the doorway to receiving all of life's abundance. Thank you Carly."



"Carly is a graduate of my certified coaching apprenticeship program which is additional to her previous coaching certification. Over the years of working with Carly and becoming close friends I have witnessed her heal herself of eating disorders, crippling anxiety, skin conditions, numerous self sabotage behaviours, and watched her blossom into an empowered, self aware woman. Carly is a skilled coach who guides her clients from confusion into clarity rapidly as she leads by example teaching the life changing lessons she has embodied. If you are considering hiring Carly as your coach, I strongly urge that you take action today and sign up. You will get results with Carly's guidance no matter what you are battling with, I recommend her coaching services highly. The universe rewards action, so don't delay your happiness, let Carly Pepin guide you from confusion into clarity so you have a clear path to follow from where you are now, to where you want to be in happiness, health, abundance and in love."


"Thank you just does not seem like a sufficient sentiment to really express the gratitude I hold for Carly. Before meeting Carly and beginning one-on-one coaching sessions, I had no idea what metaphysical coaching was, how to go about integrating its principles into my life and really adapting to and embracing a change in both my perspective and emotional environment. What I was fully aware of though, was that I was in a rut- I needed to break free or rather, learn to permanently let go of my eating disorder, my struggles with self-perception and find the strength in my voice to truly lead a life that was and is in alignment with my personal sense of self-gratification. I needed to find myself, my truth and the power in my well-being again! After surviving a near-death accident almost two years prior to meeting Carly, I was still struggling with figuring out how to heal the emotional and mental residue of damage the incident left behind. I felt like I was losing my connection to self, abandoning who I wanted to be with no sense of direction towards my goals. Carly brought me back to life. There is no magic pill or potion to healing, but spending time with Carly and learning how to reframe, rebalance and review my newly unsatisfying characteristics permitted me to work through my struggles and discover as well as lead the lifestyle I truly desired I always felt like a priority with Carly- she was and continues to be present in all our sessions assuring me that she is only here to help remove my mental and emotional blocks. Carly’s heart-centered direction, attentive coaching and compassionate one-on-one engagement, encouraged me to truly dig deep into why I was feeling and behaving the way I was to better identify such hiccups in the future and with lessons learned to shift out of a negative space much faster and more effectively with lasting results. I could not recommend Carly enough! She is a beautiful soul-inside and out and her coaching is a reflection of her genuine desire to help uplift you and guide you towards rediscovering a sense of balance in your well-being."


"I'm so grateful to be gifted and blessed at one of the lowest points in my spiritual growth. I was lucky enough, to meet and live with Carly before I began working with her as a coach. She is truly a healing soulful spirit who does help one find peace of mind and joy. I'm so thankful for Carly Pepin. She lives and loves the most genuine, fun, authentic life and it's awe inspiring. Throughout coaching, I learned a lot about myself and grew quickly. I was receiving and felt appreciated by colleagues, my students and the people I love and am closest to, too. I live to play and have fun! I loved all this appreciation and learned more about my own desire for approval and attention. I worked through some major blocks and cleared that stuff. The trick is sticking to this lifestyle and practicing gratitude, each moment of each day, while present. The increase of play and joyful activities was the most meaningful and I found comfort and a shift as soon as I started to bring all of that in. Still working on the growth and accepting vulnerable moments or change, but my life is truly transformed. Thanks so much, dearest Carly. You've changed my perspective. I am more than happy to recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their life and needs some guidance from an expert! She's awesome!"


"Had another amazing session with Carly Pepin. She reminds me to be open to the gifts being offered in every encounter. And I'm rediscovering what really lights me up and makes me excited to get up in the morning. What can be better than that! Amazing way to close the year and begin a new one. Thanks, Carly!"


I am so incredibly grateful for Carly and the work that she does. She helps you uncover places within yourself that you didn't know existed. She is incredibly intuitive, kind, gentle and supportive. She is a gem. It is such a relief when she helps you find old beliefs or memories within yourself that you are innocently clinging to that are holding you back. She knows where to help you go to uncover these things and move past them. She is wonderful. She helps you release old energy that allows you to move forward. Being a healer myself, I need someone this tapped in to help me heal. She has a way of seeing blocks I could have never found within myself. Grateful for her keen eye and powerful heart. I hope you are lucky enough to work with Carly too. "


"This healing circle was an amazing experience. I've been a part of support groups before and being at this circle reminded me of how powerful and healing a group setting can be. One of the best things is that Carly will work with someone one-on-one through a particular challenge in front of the whole group, allowing every person there to heal through both the person sharing and the guidance that Carly provides. It is a safe place where you can be raw, open, honest and real. Experiencing healing in this environment was so refreshing and enjoyable because it just seemed to lighten the load - the emotions and challenges didn't seem quite as heavy or scary when I knew others were in it with me and experiencing the same or very similar things. When I think of this circle the two words that come to mind are "safe" and "healing". When I think of Carly the two words that come to mind are "trust" and "loving". I highly recommend The Enlightened Circle for anyone who is ready for some easy, gentle healing in a safe, warm, accepting environment, within the context of a supportive community."


"In all honesty, when I first signed up for a group coaching class, I was a little hesitant. I had never done anything like this before and didn't know how what I was saying would be received. Were the issues I am having going to sound silly? Would I be judged? Would this even be helpful? I can honestly say that I am so happy I took part in Carly's group coaching workshop. It was such a warm and welcoming group. Like a bunch of old friends. Carly led the group beautifully and reassured me that my feelings were completely valid and actually very similar to what the rest of the group was going through as well. She taught me ways to work through and ways I could improve myself to improve my life. I took something meaningful away from each member of the group (and of course Carly) and walked away feeling stronger and with a greater sense of clarity than before. Thank you so much Carly."