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Understanding and Setting Boundaries - Public Talk

  • Santa Monica, CA USA (map)

Boundaries are a healthy way of ensuring that you are staying within your own unique set of values. They invite you to create a  set of rules that ensure you continue to live in your highest purpose and minimize the probability of encountering distracting, uninspiring challenges. Used wisely, they are an opportunity for growth. 
The other side of boundaries is their use for protection. They are a result of your subconscious trying to avoid a pain that you have not fully transcended from past experience(s). The past however is unavoidable in the sense that it will be repeated in different forms until you are able to learn your lesson in full. Only then, can you truly move forward. When we set boundaries for protection, the Universe will figure out a way to deliver the lesson to you, boundary or no boundary. These types of boundaries create more challenges and take up additional time when left unnoticed and unattended to. 
In this workshop you will learn:
•How to create boundaries that align with your purpose, saving you time and energy
•Understanding how to identify boundaries that are a result of unresolved past experiences
•Why people break boundaries and how to create a win-win situation to keep them in place when necessary

Workshop will be located at a private residence in Santa Monica. Details to be sent upon booking confirmation. 

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