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Personal Development Workshop

  • C2E Woodland Hills, CA United States (map)

C2E Woodland Hills, CA 91367
 * Saturday June 27th, 12:30 - 3:00 pm
 $95- Early Bird Discount
$105- Day of Workshop

The most important decision you can make is the direction your life will take. The problem is, when it comes to these decisions, conflicts can arise between your head, your heart and your actions. Oscillating between confusion and clarity is the key to knowing you are evolving and growing as an individual. However when you are unable to ask questions to move out of confusion and into clarity, you move down the scale of emotions into frustration -> anger -> resentment -> resignation and finally -> paralysis. This occurs when we hit confusion from the ages of 0>8 and are unable to ask questions to move into clarity. This confusion is stored within you as imbalanced memories. Imbalanced memories from your past start to rise up in your body or your experiences as repetitive cycles, patterns, fears and limitations when they are ready to be understood and balanced so you can evolve.

If you are experiencing any limitations that you can't seem to move through such as:
 - repetitive injuries, ailments or illnesses
 - an inability to lose weight and keep it off
- an inability to keep or bring in money
- being single
- self sabotage
 - stressful & disappointing relationships
 - problems in your workplace
 ...then you are experiencing the effects of imbalanced memories that are keeping you stuck.

In this workshop, Carly will guide you through an hour of yoga that shapes the body, connects you with your breath and moves you out of left brain thinking & analyzing (Yang) and into your powerful right brain space (Yin) through 3 stages: Connect, Evolve and Restore.

You will then be taught how to use the simple 4 step system 'Review, Rebalance, Replace & Results' which was created to balance and clear your past memories so you are open to experience the body, relationships, financial abundance and career that are most enjoyable and fulfilling to you.

The difference between this system and typical therapies or coaching styles is that most only address one side of the brain, the logical (left brain) or the emotional (right brain), which is why change is often only temporary. So in this workshop you will learn how to release the block from your left and right brain together so that the change is permanent, leaving you balanced and empowered to move from being stuck in confusion and frustration into awareness and change.

Participants will receive a free 2-hour coaching call with Carly, who has close to 1000 hours experience in understanding human behavior, self healing and personal change. She will assist you through your shift during this call, as a free gift for taking action and attending the workshop. This coaching call is valued at $397-

Imagine what your life will feel like in 2 years from now if you do nothing, and stay the same.

The universe rewards action. So keep taking it! :) If you refer 2 friends to this workshop who book a spot, you can come for free. Previous workshop attendees can attend at a discounted rate of -$75.

To purchase your tickets, follow the links below.
New Attendees $95-
Previous Attendees $75-

Private Clients – FREE
Photographers – FREE

Carly Michele Pepin

“When you get the inside right, the outside falls into place.”
Eckhart Tolle

Photography by Bri Lopez

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