Carly Michele Pepin
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Like so many individuals out there, I spent a good portion of my life struggling with addictions, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, abusive relationships, financial troubles; the list goes on and on. Coaching found me when I finally hit my own personal breaking point and was ready to stop moving through the motions and start living an inspired life.

I learned that we can create our a life in accordance to what we value most and that the quickest path to this kind of freedom was coming into a greater state of Love with myself and those who have influenced me in positive and negative ways, past - present - future. 

Throughout my own personal transformation, years of research and study about human behavior, the inner workings of the Universe and the science that makes it all happen, I was able to transform my own debilitating behaviors permanently. 

I now use this information and the systems that I have discovered to help my clients create more love, inspiration, gratitude and presence for all that they have experienced in life, as well as assist them in attracting more of what they desire in their futures.