Carly Michele Pepin




Are you stuck in a challenge that is effecting your emotional and physical health and well being? 


Are you struggling with making decisions and taking actions to move forward?


Are you experiencing repetitive stressful challenges in your personal and professional relationships and/or with money? 


Are you looking to find more emotional balance within yourself?


Are you stuck in an area of your life today because of emotional baggage from your past? 


Would you like to discover how to empower all areas of your life and open you up to a greater state of Love? 


Life has a way of creating uncomfortable experiences. No individual is wrong or right, bad or good, based on their ability to move through them. In fact, there will consistently be areas of your life that you feel more empowered in, and others that you feel disempowered and trapped in. It can become very frustrating when you get stuck and don't understand how to move to the next stage in your career, personal and professional relationships, physical and mental health, personal growth and education, financial independence, and even personal influence on your own social or global circles. 

Repetitive failure without strategy and foresight on how to move through your challenges creates stress building circumstances that can effect all areas of life. Sometimes even causing you to question your desires and put them aside, because you just don’t know how to get there. 

Your past shapes your present and your future is dictated by your ability to turn challenges into opportunities. Challenges that stick, pull you down and lower your self esteem. Challenges you transcend move you to the next level and build confidence and certainly in your unique attributes and abilities. 

Growth lies on the border of challenge and support and this course is designed to assist you in understanding how to begin to master this fact of life. During the six week online live course, you will understand your challenges in depth and identify a current major challenge in your life. You will then learn how to transform it from conflict and stress into Gratitude and Love. Giving you the ability to reduce the fears of your own personal challenges, history of the past repeating, embody strengths that you have not yet acknowledged and gain foresight into how you can approach future challenges with increased inspiration instead of desperation. 

Week 01.jpg
  • Understanding and Identifying your Unique Vision and Mission
  • Learning how to live congruently with your personal Vision and Mission
  • Insights as to how challenges bring us back on course into our Vision
  • How our Vision and Mission play a role in conscious and unconscious decisions 
  • Identifying the decisions we make that cause uninspiring and stressful challenges and how to transform them
  • Getting clarity on how to create Eustress – when challenges inspire you and increase your health instead of decrease it
  • Getting clear on the two main forms of judgments against self and others and how these effect your personally and professionally
  • The outcomes of bringing these forms of judgments back into equilibrium
  • Preparing for the weeks to come by identifying your highest forms of judgements that you will focus on and transform to create a breakthrough in your life
Week 02.jpg
  • Beginning the process of turning Conflict or Stress into Gratitude, Love, Presence, Certainty, Enthusiasm and Inspiration
  • Understanding the patterns and cycles that result from your unresolved painful or traumatic experiences
  • Learning about and putting into practical application the Universal Law of Transparency and Reflection
Week 03.jpg
  • Understanding why we harbor judgements on self and others
    • Learning about the Two Forms of Judgement
  • Putting into practical application a series of questions that will begin to dissolve the stress of the challenges you have experienced
  • You will learn how to begin to:
    • Release resentments against others for what you perceive they have done or not done (allowing you to no longer fear their presence and run from your past)
    • Clear guilt and shame for what you perceive you have done or not done to self and others
    • Remove infatuation with others that causes you to put another person on the pedestal and you in the pit
    • Clear pride so that you can have foresight in your life and humble yourself before your circumstances do
  • Begin to understand and experience that there is nothing that your human self can't experience that your soul can’t love
Week 04.jpg
  • Identifying exaggerated labels and dissolving them
  • Understanding how this process will enhance your communication as well as your Immunity
  • Seeing the Hidden Intelligent Order of the Universe
  • Defining and witnessing Love in it’s forms at any moment
  • Asking specific questions to identify how this has played a role in your life
Week 05.jpg
  • Dissolving fears and nightmares of the past repeating
  • Dissolving fantasies of an unrealistic future so that you can set goals that align with an achievable outcome
  • Understanding how Fantasies and Nightmares are created and their effects on your life
  • Finalizing the transformational process and coming into love and gratitude for what you have experienced, allowing you to move on from being a victim of your past and taking initial steps to mastering your destiny
Week 06.jpg
  • How to incorporate what you have learned to be able to continue your own evolution
  • Learning how to empower all seven areas of your life: Spiritual, Mental, Vocational, Financial, Familial, Social, Physical
    • Identifying the Voids and what actions you can take to fill them
  • How to set congruent goals that align with your vision and take action steps to fulfill them
  • What to do when you encounter road blocks on your journey
  • Answering any questions that you have before the group closes


“Carly and her work is powerful. She is incredibly gifted at helping me shift through major blocks in my life. She is intuitive, insightful, gentle, hopeful, patient, loving, honest and optimistic. Her work is transformative. I have been coaching with Carly over a year and my life has changed drastically. At first I was coming to her for issues with my career and health, but the biggest change I’ve noticed was in my relationships.” 


"Grief is a funny thing. You never know how long it will last or how much it can take over. It’s been 1 year since Lily went to the heavens above. I didn’t know but her death put me into a depression for nearly a year. I lost a deep joy I used to feel. After processing through the grief with coach and bestie Carly, I was able to finally feel the free again. I began to play and feel lightness in my heart. Things have been shifting significantly in my personal and professional life. I feel grounded and empowered again grateful for the journey my heart has led."


"Thank you just does not seem like a sufficient sentiment to really express the gratitude I hold for Carly. After surviving a near-death accident almost two years prior to meeting Carly, I was still struggling with figuring out how to heal the emotional and mental residue of damage the incident left behind. I felt like I was losing my connection to self, abandoning who I wanted to be with no sense of direction towards my goals. Carly brought me back to life. There is no magic pill or potion to healing, but spending time with Carly and learning how to reframe, rebalance and review my newly unsatisfying characteristics permitted me to work through my struggles and discover as well as lead the lifestyle I truly desired I always felt like a priority with Carly- she was and continues to be present in all our sessions assuring me that she is only here to help remove my mental and emotional blocks. I could not recommend Carly enough!"


$350 per participant

6-Week Course
Downloadable Material for Each week
Live Education and Group Coaching Each Week
2.5 hr Sessions Each Time

The Details

01 Sunday August 5th
02 Sunday August 12th
03 Sunday August 19th
04 Sunday September 2nd
05 Sunday September 16th
06 Sunday September 23rd
Each week will the course will be from 10:00am - 12:30pm PST. 
Will be hosted via Zoom

Video recordings of the sessions will be available for 3 months after the course is complete. If you are unable to make it to a call, you will be able to watch the live recording afterwards. 

* Please note this is a one time price offer for this course as it is in the initial launch phase. You will be part of the Beta Group!
Space is Limited 

Additional Questions? Schedule a free Discovery Session to get more clarity on the course and how it can be applied to creating a transformation in your life.